Boat rental prices to visit La Maddalena isles

With Exclusive Boats you can rent top-quality boats, motorboat, inflatable boats at affordable prices to visit the islands of La Maddalena archipelago and Corsica.

Private boat rental prices of “The One”

May June July August From 1st to 10th of September From 11th to 30th of September October
€ 400/day € 450/day € 550/day € 650/day € 550/day € 450/day € 400/day
May€ 400/day
June€ 450/day
July€ 550/day
August€ 650/day
From 1st to 10th of September€ 550/day
From 11th to 30th of September€ 450/day
October€ 400/day

Included: VAT, multilingual Skipper, insurance, snorkeling equipment, beach towels, safety equipment.

Useful informations:

dive in the crystalline sea of la maddalena
la maddalena and lavezzi are paradise of sardinia and corsica
admire with us the cliffs of bonifacio in corsica
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